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“Is Christianity being marginalised?” asks the Observer

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

This week’s “panel question” in the Observer asks Mary Warnock, Donald MacLeod, and Anastasia de Waal whether Christianity is being marginalised.

The introductory context to the question is this:

Nurse Shirley Chaplin lost her legal battle for the right to wear crucifix at work

So if you thought the question was about secularisation, it’s clear what is really being asked is whether Christians (and/or Christianity itself) are being pushed to the margins of society.  We are obviously intended to take Chaplin’s Employment Tribunal defeat as an example of that happening.   As opposed to what it really was, which was simply the Tribunal upholding the importance of NHS health and safety rules against someone who wanted to be able to disregard those rules merely because her jewellery was associated with her Christian beliefs.